Yes, it’s free! And other answers about THATCamp Boise State

How much does it cost to attend THATCamp Boise State?
THATCamps are usually free or low-cost ‘unconferences’ that provide a space for those who are interested in the Humanities and technology to discuss, collaborate, work on problems, and learn. THATCamp Boise State is free–all the food & snacks, the conference rooms, drinks,  campus parking, etc. have all been taken care of thanks to the generous support of several Boise State University departments and colleges.

How is THATCamp different than a regular ‘conference’?
In a THATCamp everyone participates! The sessions/workshops are all created the day of the event, on the spot, and everyone is expected to participate. If you have an idea, want to teach or share something, then by all means suggest it. We’ll have a signup board where you can sign up to create/teach/show something; if enough people are interested in your idea then you are doing it! We don’t want people who want to sell something or drum up business for a company. We want people who want to share for the betterment of all.

Where/how do I register?
Registration for THATCamp Boise State closes today, October 28th at 5:00pm. The registration page is located at

Where is it? Is there parking?
THATCamp Boise State will take place on campus, at the Student Union Building, in the Hatch Ballroom.

Parking is available in the Lincoln Garage, next to the Student Union, and free for all THATCamp attendees.

Will there be food/drinks?
Yes! Drinks & delicious food & snacks will be available. If you have any dietary needs, please let us know at moc.l1539607667iamg@1539607667usbpm1539607667actah1539607667t1539607667

How long does this unconference last?
This is a one-day event on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Who are the speakers?
These awesome people:

Will there be Wi-Fi?
Yes. Use the ‘guest’ account to access the university’s Wi-Fi.

Is there a Twitter hashtag?
Yes: #thatcampbsu

Who put this THATCamp together?
Three Boise State faculty decided to start it: Dr. Alicia Garza, World Languages; Dr. Dawn Shepherd, English Department; and Memo Cordova, Albertsons Library librarian. This has been a labor of love and our second THATCamp Boise State.

Where can I can get more information?
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask us at moc.l1539607667iamg@1539607667usbpm1539607667actah1539607667t1539607667 or via Twitter at  .

The official THATCamp website has a nifty FAQ too, so check them out as well:

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