We want your feedback!

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We had us a good time at THATCamp Boise State 2013, didn’t we? Can we improve? Certainly! And here’s your chance to tell us how: simply fill out this short & anonymous survey so we can make this event even better: goo.gl/VgoS2G

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THATCamp 2013 Schedule

Here’s our schedule.


Keynote: The Boise Wiki: Putting the “Public” in Public History


Barnwell: Graph Literacy
Farnsworth: Technology in the Classroom
Hatch B: Hemingway Anime
Bergquist: Power & Digital Exclusion


Barnwell: Print Publications & Social Tech (need a facilitator!)
Farnsworth: Learner/Faculty Learner Autonomy
Hatch B: Robotics
Bergquist: Future of the Book


LUNCH keynote: The History of Comics and Sequential Illustration in Idaho


Barnwell: Fundraising
Farnsworth: Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom
Hatch B: Integrity vs. Keyboard Activism
Bergquist: Forging Relationships/Creating Connections


Barnwell: Idea Implementation
Farnsworth: Hemingway Anime
Hatch B: Creating a Wiki Page
Bergquist: Future of Digital Popular Scholarship


Barnwell: Editing/Adding to the Boise Wiki
Farnsworth: Creating & Managing Your First Website
Hatch B: Graph Literacy
Bergquist: The Future of Advertising


Closing keynote: “Tumblr The New Gutenberg Press?”

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11/2/13: THATCamp Boise State!

Are we excited? Absolutely! We hope you are as well! Some housekeeping updates to keep in mind for tomorrow:

Here’s to a great time together in Boise!

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Yes, it’s free! And other answers about THATCamp Boise State

How much does it cost to attend THATCamp Boise State?
THATCamps are usually free or low-cost ‘unconferences’ that provide a space for those who are interested in the Humanities and technology to discuss, collaborate, work on problems, and learn. THATCamp Boise State is free–all the food & snacks, the conference rooms, drinks,  campus parking, etc. have all been taken care of thanks to the generous support of several Boise State University departments and colleges.

How is THATCamp different than a regular ‘conference’?
In a THATCamp everyone participates! The sessions/workshops are all created the day of the event, on the spot, and everyone is expected to participate. If you have an idea, want to teach or share something, then by all means suggest it. We’ll have a signup board where you can sign up to create/teach/show something; if enough people are interested in your idea then you are doing it! We don’t want people who want to sell something or drum up business for a company. We want people who want to share for the betterment of all.

Where/how do I register?
Registration for THATCamp Boise State closes today, October 28th at 5:00pm. The registration page is located at boisestate2013.thatcamp.org/?page_id=6

Where is it? Is there parking?
THATCamp Boise State will take place on campus, at the Student Union Building, in the Hatch Ballroom.

Parking is available in the Lincoln Garage, next to the Student Union, and free for all THATCamp attendees.

Will there be food/drinks?
Yes! Drinks & delicious food & snacks will be available. If you have any dietary needs, please let us know at

How long does this unconference last?
This is a one-day event on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Who are the speakers?
These awesome people: boisestate2013.thatcamp.org/?page_id=120

Will there be Wi-Fi?
Yes. Use the ‘guest’ account to access the university’s Wi-Fi.

Is there a Twitter hashtag?
Yes: #thatcampbsu

Who put this THATCamp together?
Three Boise State faculty decided to start it: Dr. Alicia Garza, World Languages; Dr. Dawn Shepherd, English Department; and Memo Cordova, Albertsons Library librarian. This has been a labor of love and our second THATCamp Boise State.

Where can I can get more information?
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask us at or via Twitter at twitter.com/ThatCampBSU  .

The official THATCamp website has a nifty FAQ too, so check them out as well: thatcamp.org/about/

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THATCampBSU 2013 Food order

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you so much for registering for THATCampBSU 2013.  At present, we are finalizing our plans for next Saturday and I need to get some information from you with regard to lunch and parking.

We will be serving a light breakfast of cereal, yogurt, bananas, coffee, decaf, and hot tea.
For lunch we have the choice of the following:

  • Roast beef with fontina cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, grilled Spanish onions, on a baguette.
  • Grilled Chicken with cucumber raita salad on ciabatta bread.
  • Balsamic marinated vegetable wrap with fresh mozzarella, and arugula.

Please select the sandwich that you would like for lunch. If you have dietary restrictions, please inform me so that I can make arrangements with catering for your meals.

Finally, we have free parking available for conference attendees who do not have parking permits.

The deadline for the food order is Tuesday morning, so if you could get your sandwich order to me by Monday night, it would be great. Also, please let me know if you need a parking code. Our email is

Thank you very much.

All the best,

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“The Heart of the Matter”

Thanks to @TheStacksCat for the heads up to “The Heart of the Matter” video that appears on the post “Humanities Matter” from the ProQuest website.

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Registration dealine extended to October 28th

THATCamp Boise State is Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. We had an October 18th registration deadline, but we’re extending it until October 28th. Let your Boise & Treasure Valley friends know of this free, informal, tech/humanities-rich event where everyone participates.

Registration page is at goo.gl/mWFWiM

The first 70 or so folks who register will get this sweet-looking official THATCamp Boise State 2013 coffee travel mug. You want it, don’t you?


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Session Proposal: Technology and Pedagogy: Sufficient and/or Necessary?

The topic I would like to explore at THATCamp is the use of technology in a pedagogical setting. It has been established that technology can enhance learning, but is it, in the 21st century, necessary for learning environments?  My question stems from recent discussions (see Cathy N. Davidson, Now You See It, for example) of adapting the classroom to 21st century needs, versus the in-place 19th century paradigm that is still prevalent in primary schools through higher education. If it is true that the use of technology enhances student learning in the contemporary classroom, we must still ask questions about its implementation, its overall usefulness, desired outcomes, and effectiveness.  We must also consider issues of generational divides, instructor preparedness, instructor creativity, and assessment.  In other words, we are at the point in our understanding of classroom pedagogy of knowing the importance of technology as part of gaining sufficient knowledge, which powers and inspires us to incorporate it in our classrooms. But our sufficient knowledge of its usefulness does not actually create a necessity.
What is “necessary” technology?  And how do we find the resources, both human and financial, to support this technological revolution in our own classrooms.  Is an entirely new pedagogy necessary? It is frequently a policy of technophiles to assume that technology will enhance the classroom. However, it is only through conscious reflection on the application, usefulness, and desired results of its implementation that technology will achieve its objective of enhancing learning.
Once we move from our infatuation with new technologies, and after trial-and-error experimentation in educational settings, it is necessary to have a fully-developed philosophy and justification for its use in education. Where does the move from “sufficient” to “necessary” occur? These are some of the questions that intrigue me, and that I would like to explore in this session.
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Food? Yes!

Lunch spread for THATCamp Boise State 2012

Lunch spread for THATCamp Boise State 2012

Last year’s THATCamp Boise State had a fantastic array of food available, including delicious “Bronco chips” and an assortment of drinks and snacks throughout the day, all provided by the excellent Conference Services here on campus. This year will be no different: we will have meat and vegetarian options, snacks, drinks, and dessert–enough to power you throughout the day.

Parking? Free. Food? Free. Wireless? Yes! But you have to register to enjoy these amenities and great company. Registration will close on October 18th so get your name on the list and enjoy your time at THATCamp Boise State 2013.

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Registration deadline: October 18, 2013

THATCamp Boise State is Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 and it will be here sooner than you think! This free event is made possible by the generous support of several campus departments.

And even though we have the venue, snacks & meals, free parking for attendees, Wi-Fi and fantastic speakers for this unconference, space is limited! Reserve your spot and register by October 18th, 2013.

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